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We Have Seen the Mad Cow, and It Is Us

by Richard Manning

Mad cow disease is not the point; it’s a symptom of a deeper ill. The feedlot system is cruel, wasteful and dangerous. It entails a litany of abuses, but its inefficiencies can be summed in energy use. It takes about 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy to make a calorie of feedlot beef. Grass-fed cattle require less than a third as much.

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Small Animal Hospital Creates a Big Splash Just East of the River

SmallAnimal.jpgI stopped in at the new Small Animal Hospital on Newhall, just north of North Avenue, to ask a question about one of my cats. I was immediately impressed. Inside and out, this is a state-of-the-art facility designed to give the best medical attention to our furry friends while comfortably accommodating their owners. The building has a large reception area with big windows. The bench seats flip up and hold books and toys for kids waiting for Sparky to get his shots.

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Local Holiday Events and Shopping

by Tess Reiss and Eryn Moris

Sprinkle some seasonal cheer around by keeping your shopping dollar local. Shop in the neighborhood where you can slow down, walk, bike, bus, or drive only a short distance to your next destination. The Currents‘ Holiday Shopping Guide covers everything from Holiday Fairs and Events, to hidden treasures and old favorites plus services, music, and art. Shop on, dear reader!

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Catnip: Nepeta cataria

It’s catnip season. The juicy, hollow green stalks mark this plant as one of the mint family. The one-to-two-foot tall plants with their slightly fuzzy leaves are growing in vacant lots and neglected corners all over Riverwest. I picked an armful and brought it home for drying, only to be tackled by two cats at […]