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Def Harmonic – Spaced Out

From the moment the deep bass thump that opens the Spaced Out EP comes through your speakers, comparisons to Parliament-Funkadelic are unavoidable. But thirty years of musical evolution have gone by since George Clinton assembled his first crew of space cadets, and Def Harmonic use that development to its fullest potential.

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Local Holiday Events and Shopping

by Tess Reiss and Eryn Moris

Sprinkle some seasonal cheer around by keeping your shopping dollar local. Shop in the neighborhood where you can slow down, walk, bike, bus, or drive only a short distance to your next destination. The Currents‘ Holiday Shopping Guide covers everything from Holiday Fairs and Events, to hidden treasures and old favorites plus services, music, and art. Shop on, dear reader!

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It’s Happening

The official buzz is in the streets. In mid-January Tom Daykin wrote a front page Sunday feature in the Journal Sentinel about Riverwest as an up-and-coming neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what and who we “draw” in the next couple of years. Will the changes be substantial and dramatic? Will we lose our diversity? Will old-timers feel pushed out by “outsiders?”