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Saving Grace: Pieter Godfrey’s Complex Relationship to Recycling

by Valerie Valentine; Photo, Vince Bushell On Saturday January 7, more than 100 neighbors and community leaders gathered at Pieter Godfrey’s recycle, sustainable development, and river corridor watch complex to learn more about his project and to discuss reuse practices. Godfrey salvages wood, brick and decorative stonework from buildings that are being torn down. Godfrey […]

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Milwaukee Antique Center Closing

People of all sorts wander through, ogling potential valuables from baseball cards and Star Wars figurines to vinyl records and bar taps.

Gary John Gresl, 62, knows many of these patrons of the Milwaukee Antique Center at 341 N. Milwaukee St., and greets them all with soft tones and a smile even though Wisconsin’s oldest antique mall is closing the doors for good Dec. 31.

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On a cold gray January day in 2004, Ray Dworczyk walked into my bookstore and left behind two blue plastic bags filled with books…the point being he wanted me to purchase them. He visited me daily for a week, long enough for me to find out he’s known as Mr. “Q”, which of course, designates “quality.” He’s been around longer than most local book dealers, driving his old beater stacked high with books and other oddities.When he parks on Water St. parallel to my business, passerby’s stop, stare, and sometimes even point at his loaded car.

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RNA Report October 2004

minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: Bill Richards and Laura Martin are canvassing Ward 103 for MoveOn PAC, assistance welcome. Jim Wilson announced that Energy Assistance Applications are now available at his office. There will be a dedication ceremony for the David Middlebrook sculpture at the Gordon Park pavilion, on October 29th, from 4:00 to […]

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Granny’s Books

As a used and rare bookseller, one of the first things folks disclose to me upon learning what I do, is that they have a terrifically valuable old book their grandma gave them, tucked away for a rainy day. This is usually accompanied by a certain amount of excitement in their voice, and yes, they have various reasons for believing the tome is worth a lot of money. It is then my unfortunate duty to inform that most likely that old dusty book from granny isn’t worth much at all.