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In Search of a Riverwest Christmas

By Julie Strand 

Ah, Christmas… ugly pipe cleaner ornaments you made when you were six hanging on the tree, listening to Jingle Bell Rock on 99.1, hanging mistletoe on your front door so that you can kiss whomever walks in…. well maybe that doesn’t happen as much. It is that time of year again Riverwest, and don’t try and deny the fact that everyone has a secret desire to jump on Santa’s lap in the mall. A holiday that centers on celebration is always a big hit – who doesn’t like a good party? The twinkle lights, the wreaths, the search through every toy store in Milwaukee for this year’s new cool toy for your second cousin’s kid, it is all done in celebration. For Christians who observe the holiday, the celebration is for the birth of Jesus – you know, God’s son. 

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Sylvie Horvath

Perhaps Sylvie Horvath’s dark eyes glisten the way they do because she has surrounded herself with beauty. Horvath is a collector of contemporary art by local Milwaukee artists, as well as an importer of Kashmiri and Indian rugs, pashmina shawls, brass sculpture, papier maché decorative objects, jewelry and wall hangings.

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Saving Grace: Pieter Godfrey’s Complex Relationship to Recycling

by Valerie Valentine; Photo, Vince Bushell On Saturday January 7, more than 100 neighbors and community leaders gathered at Pieter Godfrey’s recycle, sustainable development, and river corridor watch complex to learn more about his project and to discuss reuse practices. Godfrey salvages wood, brick and decorative stonework from buildings that are being torn down. Godfrey […]