minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: Bill Richards and Laura Martin are canvassing Ward 103 for MoveOn PAC, assistance welcome. Jim Wilson announced that Energy Assistance Applications are now available at his office. There will be a dedication ceremony for the David Middlebrook sculpture at the Gordon Park pavilion, on October 29th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM Presentations: Henry Cannon (Riverwest resident) and Steven Nowak, both of Wireless Internet Products, LLC, shared information about their services to property owners. They install wireless cameras that can provide real time or recorded video for security purposes, and can also interface with internet for real time viewing from any location. Many options are available and the set up can be personalized. Check for more details at www.wirelesscam.biz or call Cannon at 374-0217. Committee Reports Holton Street Revitalization Committee Don Sargent/Jim Wilson reporting The Riverworks BID#2, Concordia through Keefe, has been approved by the City Plan Commission and will go to the Common Council. Approval is anticipated. Discussion ensued regarding the “old” Outpost building, which Sargent advised will be demolished and replaced by Riverworks offices. Also, Sargent advised that the service station on Holton near the “old” Outpost building has some security issues, and that he may talk to the owners. Crystal Graf explained that Judy’s Red Hot’s license hearing was rescheduled. The owner of the property, Mr. Ahmad attended this month’s RNA meeting, and stated that he will be making updates in the property. He is also considering security cameras. Alderman D’Amato will visit the store prior to the November Common Council meeting. Improvements to Holton Street from Center Street south to Reservoir were discussed. The feasibility of boulevards and bike lanes are still being considered. UWM students will be talking with owners of the businesses along Holton informing them of the plan and talk about concerns/ideas. Development Committee: Sonya Knauss reporting RIC: Closed on a new loan for future repair/investment needs. Larraine McNamara-McGraw has been elected to the RIC Board. Johnson Control Property: Crystal Graf has a draft of the plans, which includes development of the site with 22 single/two-family homes that will fit within the design of the neighborhood. No contact has been received from Carrie Lewis regarding the Kilbourn Park/Reservoir plans Guardians of Green Space: Vince Bushell reporting All projects and concerns remain “on hold” County Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr. had the opportunity to ask Parks DirectorSue Black about the status of the land swap with ReadCo, she promised to get back to him with details. Crystal Graf announced that a committee is being formed to discuss plans for the railroad right of way along Keefe Avenue. Please contact her at Ald. Mike D”‘Amato’s office if you would like to be included. Youth Issues: Self-Wise Allah reporting The Celebrating Diversity event at Kilbourn Park was successful. The coordinated efforts of several organizations made it happen, including Peace Action Center, Green Party and COA. Administration: Lorraine Jacobs/Nancy Centz reporting There were three issues covered at the (September) Board Meeting: Board structure/members: We have had three resignations from the Board and are in need of new Board members who can dedicate time for the year. Members can nominate themselves or another RNA neighbor. The time frame is: November meeting – take nominations, December meeting – present full slate of nominations to the members for consideration. Contact Lorraine Jacobs for questions at 562-6608, or ljphotos@netstream.net By-laws: Article IV, Section 7 was corrected. It should read: “Election Procedures: Voting shall be in person at the last (incorrect current wording: at the second to last) General Meeting of the year. No absentee ballots or ballots by mail or proxy will be permitted.” A motion was made by Lorraine Jacobs, and seconded by Tim Vertz. Approval was by concensus. The proposed liaison with neighborhood Milwaukee Public Schools: The Board recommends the following motion; “RNA welcomes a monthly report from the neighborhood Milwaukee Public schools via an unofficial liaison between the schools and an RNA member. The report would be included in the Youth Committee report on the RNA General Meeting Agenda.” Suzanne Zipperer has agreed to take this responsibility. A motion was made by Sonya Knauss, and seconded by Tim Vertz. Approval was by consensus. District 5 Safety Update: Jim Wilson/Tim Vertz reporting Residents are reminded to take simple precautions such as keeping doors locked. It is noted that there has been some shifting of robberies to east of the river and that hold-ups using weapons are frequent in our district. Some drug activity has been noted at Burleigh and Keefe, also near Clarke and Bremen. Tim explained the “Safe Route” initiative that is being promoted in the schools. This provides suggested safe walking routes to and from each neighborhood school so that children use the same streets together for safety. Suzanne Zipperer will contact the neighborhood schools to see about the promotion of this initiative. Crystal Graf has asked for resident support to include several additional streets in the 2″ snow removal rule. A few streets need to be added to the ones already approved for this parking restriction. Please contact Ald. D’Amato’s office regarding support. Next meeting: Nov. 9, 7:00 PM , 604 E. Center Agenda item: Nominations accepted for new Board members.