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Brophy Declares Bankruptcy

Two years ago, landlord Tim Brophy hid under one of his tenant’s beds, hoping the police wouldn’t find him. They did. The city was after him then — and still — because of unpaid property taxes and outstanding fines relating to code violations on his vast collection of rental units in Riverwest, Harambee, Brewers Hill, and the East Side, which during its peak included more than 100 properties.

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Where is Riverwest?

What are the borders of your neighborhood? Unless you’re a newcomer, when you think about this question, definite answers probably come to mind right away. Where did you get those answers? How certain are you that they are right? Do they describe something that’s really out there or something that for some reason or another you need or want to believe in?

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Have You Heard About Harambee?

“Harambee” is a Kenyan word. During Kwanzaa, each evening a candle with a special significance is lit by the leader of the ceremony. Then everyone says something about what the candle symbolizes–unity, for instance, on the first evening of Kwanzaa. Then the leader shouts “Harambee!” (hah-rahm-BEH) which means “Let’s all pull together.” Everyone else shouts […]