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Where is Riverwest?

What are the borders of your neighborhood? Unless you’re a newcomer, when you think about this question, definite answers probably come to mind right away. Where did you get those answers? How certain are you that they are right? Do they describe something that’s really out there or something that for some reason or another you need or want to believe in?

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December 2002

Latina poets – Drum and Civic Leadership Corps – No more Historic Preservation Officer – Riverwest Artist Association Santa-windo-rama – Bremen St. Block Club – Riverwest Best of – Reservoir Park – Co-Op and Credit Union ATMs, food stamps

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Lakefront Puppet Theatre

by Jason Hart Many who saw the dragon and the twelve foot tall giant wandering around Locust Street Festival this June had questions. “What’s your name?” “Who are you?” and “Are you Jesus?” (addressed to the long-haired, robe-wearing giant, not the dragon) were the most common. Since we’ll encounter similar baffling apparitions at the upcoming […]