Milele Coggs

Milele Coggs: New Vision for Sixth District

“I feel that there is a lack of vision in the Sixth District.” Milele Coggs is confident as she prepares to square off against incumbent Mike McGee, Jr. in the April 1 election. “If I am elected I will get input from the residents to create a ‘buy in’ for an inclusive vision for the future,” she continues. “More especially my overriding goal is to assist in the creation of an improved quality of life for the residents. The primary areas as I see them are increased employment, crime reduction and residential and commercial development.” At 30, Milele A. Coggs is a bright young woman who already has an extensive resume. Born in a politically active family, Ms. Coggs is no stranger to the political process. Milele says, “Yes I’m a Coggs, but I’m not just a Coggs. I am Milele Coggs and in my own right I have done a lot of service to the community, especially the Sixth District. I was born, raised and nurtured there. I spent 23 years of my life living, volunteering and working in the Sixth District.” Ms. Coggs worked as a peer counselor on Alcohol and Other Drug (AODA) issues at Career Youth Development (CYD); and with Fighting Back, participating in trainings, workshops and conferences centered on alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. She also served as a tutor at the Martin Luther King Library. Ms. Coggs graduated from Riverside University High School with honors and has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fisk University with a concentration in Business and English. She later received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin Law School and has earned several educational certifications from Marquette University. In thinking ahead, Ms. Coggs concludes that politics at best is only seasonal. With this thought in mind, she started her own consulting business which has three components. The first component is political consulting. She has worked with several campaigns through her business. She managed election campaigns for Congresswoman Gwen Moore, State Senator Spencer Coggs, State Representative Lena Taylor and Milwaukee County Supervisor James White. The second component of her business is something of which Ms. Coggs is justly proud. It was born out of her working in the guidance office while attending high school. Milele would share information about scholarships and grants with students who may not otherwise have been aware of such opportunities. She decided to continue this service through her business, and now helps students find and complete applications for college and graduate school. She sometimes walks them through the process, being aware that many of these potential students may be first generation college students. Last but not least, Ms. Coggs assists small businesses with the development of businessplans, operating agreements and contracts.This provides a perfect way for her to use her business as well as her legal expertise. According to Ms. Coggs she knows she would not be the woman she is today if it had not been for her family and other mentors who guided her and paved the way; through her efforts she wants to give back to her community by serving, and more especially by assisting young people and being a good role model for them to follow. Ms. Coggs consistently praised the elders who do just that, stating that many find it hard to pass the torch to those who will follow. She wants to make a difference in her community – and she wants to make a difference in the world, says Milele Coggs. (Ed. Note: Incumbent Alderman Mike McGee, Jr. was unable to be reached for interview.) 

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