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Nick Reuland

by Jan Christensen

Nick has been an Animal Control Officer with Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control for almost two years. He’s a familiar sight in Riverwest, both in his “civilian clothes” and nose ring, and when he has made his rather startling metamorphosis into “Nick the Dog Catcher,” in his navy blue uniform with the big silver badge. “Look,” he says, chuckling, “it’s got the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin on it!”

Nick’s happiest times are when pets and owners find each other again. And it happens a lot where he works.

Posted inNeighbor Spotlight

Emil Kuester

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss

Emil Kuester has watched Center Street change from a quiet neighborhood with stores on every corner to a street peppered with empty storefronts. Now, from his front porch, he’s watching it come back to life.