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At Mayfield’s

“A Place that people need — the small personal touch.” –Bill Jordan It was just after nine on a Sunday night. Eudemon’s eyes were drawn to the red-orange neon sign that had just flashed on in the window on the other side of Pierce Street. It said Mayfield’s. Just above the window was a painted […]

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Beatnik Beat: Neighborhood Commerce

by Jan Christensen …and she feeds you tea and oranges/that come all the way from China… –“Suzanne,” by Leonard Cohen There was a time, not long ago, when items transported from one part of the world to another were exotic, romantic–the stuff of poets and adventurers. Now the simplest of our tools and toys, the […]

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The mythos of Eudemon…exploring the liminal spaces of Riverwest…meeting the ordinary folk and having a good time. Eudemon was born in Moravia, in what is now the eastern portion of the Czech Republic. On the outskirts of Roznov pod Radhostem, sat Eudemon’s home. Grandpa and Grandma lived next door and dad had a huge garden […]

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