Ten Things Eudemon Likes To Do In May

10. Walk to a park on one of those first truly warm days and sit in the sun with his eyes closed, listening to the birds chirping and the children playing. 9. Hike through the woods in the river valley to Meeting at the Quaker Friends Center. 8. Dig in the garden with the warm smell of the earth filling his nose. 7. Ride his bicycle anywhere. 6. Search for Mayapple, Spring Beauty, and Trillium in the woods. 5. Smell Hyacinths and Lilly of the Valley. 4. Listen to the rain and thunder. 3. Hoist a Mai Bock at Onopa or Circle A. 2. Sleep with the windows open. 1. Dream. Riverwest Currents – Volume 2 – Issue 5 – May 2003