WI Assembly District 10 – Up for grabs!

Open and transparent democracy is missing in action. Redistricting is  required every 10 years after the  census to assure  equal  representation  for  state  assembly  and senate  districts.  Since Republicans control the state senate, assembly and governor’s  office, they  took  advantage of the situation to draw lines  favorable to their  party without public  input  or  consultation  with  Democrats  in the  legislature. Republicans  say  the Democrats would have done  the  same.


Link to new district map for AD 10 State of isconsin



That may be true but that does not make it right. In fact this style of  governance that is so  partisan is becoming tedious and out favor with   the public.

This impacts Riverwest with new boundaries for the 10 Assembly District (AD). It is drastically different. Often minor changes could meet the  requirement of  equalization  but that is not  what the Republicans did here.  In order to create safe Republican districts to the north,  Representative Sandy Paasch’s district  basically disappeared.

Paasch  decided to  run  in  the new 10th AD to keep a seat  in  the  Assembly and move  to Shorewood  which  PRESTO! is  now  in  the 10th AD. Shorewood is safely  Democratic  territory. This meets the goal of packing Democratic areas  together and emphasize  Republican  leaning  districts statewide.

There are four candidates for the 4th AD Democratic primary set for  August 14. They are Harriet Callier, Mille Coby,  Ieshuh  Griffin  and Sandy Paasch. Since  Callier, Coby, Griffin are African American and Paasch is  white, the race  issue  has come into play. 

The former  long  term  holder of the office, Annette Poly Williams,  has concerns about  losing African American representation in the  Assembly.  Her  concerns have been shared by others  and other African American elected  officials as well,  but not all. Tamara Grigsby, who is  leaving the  Assembly from the  18th AD,  is  supporting  Paasch.

Looking at  the cast of characters running narrows the field down to two. Unless you think Griffin, who seems to be running for just about every office  available and whose claim to fame  rhymes with  white man’s  stitich,  or  Callier,  whose web site  has a nice photo  and letter but nothing that tells  me  about  heer experience and vision in any  detail  but in platitudes.

So  it is likely Paasch  and  Mille  Coby  likely to garner the most votes. Coby seems  like  a nice enough  person, but again  with  such a short time line before the election and  little  online information or forums to hear  the candidates face to face, it is hard to make  a  judgement on her. Paasch on the other hand has a long record and is well known and has strong support in Shorewood and most likely Riverwest.  She is considered to be an effective legislator.

It is important to point out  that  this primary on  August 14 will  determine who is the next representative in the  10th AD.  The incumbent, Elizabeth Coggs,  is running  for  Spencer  Coggs  seat in  Senate District 6,  along with  4 other  primary  candidates  for that  seat. 

So this election  is it.  A primary in August,  moved up  from  September.

When asked most people cannot name their state Assembly Representative or state Senator.  These are important positions.  Whether you  like or do not  like the  present state government  we got here due  to elections. Poor  turn out in  2010 by Democratic  base has  given us  these results.

Take the time to look at the  map  to  see  what  district you are in.  Some of us  on the south  of Riverwest are now in Leon Young’s AD. Some on the east are in Jon Richard’s  District. These districts have some changes but remain mostly intact. Young and Richards are unopposed for reelection.

But most  Riverwester’s  are still in AD 10  and  you will be electing a new representative in August.

Dominique  Paul   Noth of the Milwaukee labor  press  has written  an  excellent  piece on the 10th AD  election. You  can  find it on the link  below.


Here  are  a few  quots  frp,  Noth’s  article:

“So there is now a new real District 10 tale despite an historical connection some cling to. The new district incorporates Shorewood. A crucial north section has been handed to the most obedient Democrat the GOP knew in Milwaukee, District 11’s Jason Fields. The core of the voting power reflects the new vitality of Riverwest and North Shore Grassroots.”

“African Americans may be majority in the district, but many of their most active community leaders expressed anger to Labor Press at “people who play racial politics” by sticking stubbornly to the past shape and desires of the old District 10.

Some surprising game-players are caught in the old views – Williams herself, Sen. Lena Taylor and others who apparently worry about an erosion of black power in the legislature.

Several black constituents, however, thought that was short-sighted and too nativist. They expressed how unhappy they are to see such simplicities put in play “especially against someone who has risked her future and career for her beliefs as Pasch has done,” one told me.”