Free Clinics at Food Pantries

Many local food pantries have been seeing a steady stream of people looking for food. Oftentimes these individuals are not only hungry, but are facing other challenges related to poverty, such as being uninsured. When you have no health insurance and no money, you will likely go without health care, even when you really need it. The Chronic Disease Management Clinic is a new neighborhood resource providing basic health screenings at no cost. Every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm the food pantry at New Life East, 205 E. Concordia is providing free health education, screening and referrals for high blood pressure, diabetes and tobacco cessation. Uninsured adults can meet with a nurse to find out if they have problems with their blood pressure or blood sugar. There are some low-cost medications that patients can buy on-site for high blood pressure and diabetes as well as nicotine replacement therapy to help patients quit smoking. A social worker is available to arrange referrals if additional care is needed. The clinic has plans to expand to two new locations, including the Riverwest Food Pantry site at St. Casmir’s church. Funded by a Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program grant through the Medical College of Wisconsin, the Chronic Disease Management Clinic is there to help those in our community who might otherwise go without the health care they need. Emily DeLeo is the Community Health Liaison for the Riverwest Health Initiative. Call 263-8383 x139.

If You Go: New Life East • 205

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