Zappo! An artist who lives and works in Wisconsin has been dubbed (by Milwaukee Art Museum spinners), as “one of the most widely admired landscape painters in America.” Tom Uttech be the be-knighted who, from July 10-October 3, fills the Baker/Rowland and North Exhibition Galleries with his wild take on UP North ‘scapes. MAM has long been bashed by sour grapes types for not supporting artists who dwell in Wisconsin Well, it ain’t so. Also very special is the Very Special Arts Center at 3211 S. Lake Dr. Call 414/489-0541 for info on varied Thursday classes for adults with disabilities. The six-session package begins July 15. • •  Argh! Do we really need yet another exhibit focused on feminist art? Isn’t this as dangerous as one hyping dead, white male artists or artists who paint with their feet while standing on their heads? Got your attention? Then catch the ladies during two outings: until July 10 (at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts)–Women in the Middle: Borders, Barriers, Intrsections. The UWM Union Art Gallery portion also runs until July 10. The two-sided effort includes a catalog, which will be way better than reading Cosmo’s trashy article on pud pulling. The understatement of the year is the Beastie boosters proclamation that “the Beasties aren’t just about aesthetics.” Well, duh! But since they’re everywhere, it’s hard to ignore their ugliness. While exiting the Milwaukee Ballet’s superb final performance on a wet late May Sunday, we were bombarded by a bunch of B’s below the Marcus Center skywalk, which on that day, was leaking like a sieve. Hear tell, some artists in our town are thinking of stripping down and going for a Beastie ride. Anyway, the real art on that day was inside the center, where an inspired Lance Hardin shook the house during Tico-Tico, and an Ian named Grosh was too too in Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! What a guy. Rum & Coca-Cola with loose-as-a-goose Candice Thompson makes it clear that whatever problems the Ballet has had with their dancers have been solved, perhaps, we think, because of their fabulous Artistic Director, Michael Pink. • •  If flamenco thrills you, the Miramar presents the Iberian Spanish Dancers on July 18. Noche Romantica, ah yes! if you’re under twelve, it’s free. Everyone else pays $5.00. Boris & Doris weren’t invited, but Mark Cherek was, and what it was, was: A Dirty Thirty soiree for photographer Jenny Bohr. Riverwesters Craig Pete (think big bizaare banners & quirky paintings) and his RW roomie named Abraham (busy serving food, just like he does at Brady Street’s Cempazuchi), kept the hash and rum & cokes slinging. Hundreds (some of them perfect strangers), milled about with Gene & Bridget from Luckystar. Oh yeah, bigger-than-life Amy O’Neil who wasn’t wearing adorable red shoes was seen leaning near her bigger-than-life paintings stacked not far from a bubbling Nesco Roaster, which according to our sources is the very symbol of Polish Martha Stewart-ness. This begs THE question. Will Martha do slammer time like a regular crook, or will she escape the hot plate of justice by teaching poor women how to succeed in business? Will she launch a “Make Do” line of linens, all tattered and patched, but oh so chic? • •  The Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center at N. 12th and West Vliet Streets has been buffed, with the art part transformed by artist Johanna Poethig. You may recall she’s the lady whose work County Executive Scott “I’m an art critic” Walker deemed to be “fairly significant.” One wonders what he would deem “significant.” Built in 1923, the building long ago sheltered Schuster’s. The makeover tab, $10.2 million, seems not too bad for making a Human Services Center more, ah, humane. • •  Reminders: RW celebrates Independence Day on July 5, two days after M’waukee’s Lakefront blast. Expect a Monday blazing with works of fire at dusk when the mosquitos are at their ravenous best… July 10 is Dino’s Block Party featuring, at 1 p.m., the one and only Riverwest Accordion Club, with a Sarah who is so slender that if it wasn’t for her fab voice, she’d seem barely there… July 13, 15, 16, are Kids Nights at the Zoo, believe it or not sponsored by Peter Piper Pickles and Pick’n Save. News from the Land O’ The Caged says Bank One Foundation has kicked in $5,000, and Time Warner Cable, $3,500 for an Animal Ambassador education program designed to send educators into schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The point being to teach kids about wildlife, and then bring the classes to the Zoo… July 23-24 opens A Treasury of Gardens (five) with proceeds from tickets sales benefiting the African American Art Alliance. Volunteers can call 414/224-3840 for info. $10 advance tickets at Greer Oaks Gallery… One way to keep your tootsies dry this summer is to hit Bremen Cafe’s 9 p.m. Wednesday Mountain Music gathering featuring old-timey tunes… Past-timey is the word for the Don & Bo TV show, now a no-go. Thoroughly dissed by the media, their few fans included schmoozters Doris & Boris who see no evil ever. • •  What the F? Are there no female sculptors (besides the terrific Beth Sahagian), strutting stuff along Riverwalk? Could be the ladies are gearing up for Gallery Night & Day, July 23-24, in the mostly Third Ward, which if we’ve got it right, is said to be a Beastie-Free Zone. When last spotted with his dog Spot, Jimmy VonMilwaukee gushed he’s mounting a summer Gallery Night “River Rats” exhibit in the alley adjacent to and south of Water Street’s H20. The aim of the ever-young art maniac is to bring art to the streets. Will it include fiberglass rats? • •  Another local hero, A. David Schwartz, leader of the pack at Schwartz Bookshops, died in late June. A feisty believer in freedom of expression, his legacy ignites Independence Day. And he didn’t have to wear a cowboy hat to gain fame. • •  For great kids’ music, see Justin Roberts ( who is performing a house concert on Lake Drive July 18. Call 967-1120 to reserve a spot; $5 kids and $10 adults donation requested.

Locust Street Beer Run – Sunday, June 13, 2004 – 11:40 AM