RNA Meeting Agenda, 4/13

RIVERWEST NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION All residents are invited to attend the monthly meeting: TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 7-8:30PM YMCA CDC, 604 E. Center (& Booth) One of the board’s goals this year is to keep RNA meetings to one and a half hours. Your cooperation is appreciated. AGENDA: 1. Committee Reports: – Holton St. Center/Holton (Jim Wilson/Don Sargent) – Development (Jeff/Sonya) RIC Report, etc. – Guardians of Green Space (Vince) Snail’s Crossing, Kilbourn, Reservoir Park, River Trail – Youth (Self Wise) – Administrative (Nancy) RNA non-profit paperwork (Jan) 2. Crime Update (Jim Wilson) 5th District Crime Reduction Meeting – Report Alley lighting (Tim Vertz) 3. City-Wide Housing Coalition Report (Jeff Barke) COMMITTEES MAY MEET FROM 8:30-9:00 PM, if so desired. If you are interested in joining a committee, come to the meeting or send an email to: . MINUTES: See April Riverwest Currents, page 10, or go to — RNA BOARD MEMBERS: Nancy Centz, Chair Jeff Barke, Vice-Chair Lorraine Jacobs, Secretary Tim Vertz, Treasurer AT LARGE BOARD MEMBERS: Self Wise Allah Sonya Jongsma-Knauss Shawn Smart (Vacant) RNA COMMITTEES: 1. Holton St., CHAIR: (Vacant) 2. Development, CO-CHAIRS: Jeff Barke & Sonya Jongsma-Knauss 3. Guardians of Green Space, CHAIR: Vince Bushell 4. Youth, CHAIR: Self Wise Allah 5. Administrative, CHAIR: Nancy Centz