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Magical Realism: Hold the High Ground!

by Janice Christensen, Editor Emerita First let me say how pleased and proud I am, at the glorious age of 98, to be asked to write an editorial for this “Mid-Century” 48th Anniversary Edition. I guess Madeleine and Abneris and Bodhi and the rest of the “gonzo-kid” journalists over at the Riverwest Currents decided I […]

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RNA Report

minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: George Martin mentioned a potential source of funding for mediation services in the Riverwest neighborhood. Presentations: James Pekrul, Foster Youth Independence Center of Milwaukee, Inc., has submitted an application to the Zoning and Neighborhood Development Committee requesting approval for operation of a social service agency. This agency would be […]

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Rising Property Assessments in Riverwest

In the past year, Riverwest property values increased faster than any other neighborhood in Milwaukee, leaving many residents surprised and concerned. In Milwaukee, residential property values increased by almost 10 percent overall. The average increase in Riverwest was around 24 percent, while in some pockets of Riverwest, average property values almost doubled. “I was shocked,” […]