Billy Bragg, John Stauber and Ralph Nader 11/8

Join famed radical rocker BILLY BRAGG, JOHN STAUBER, co-author of “Weapons of Mass Deception,” and RALPH NADER! plus music, talk, and the first ever “Crashing the Party Fashion Show,” on: SATURDAY, NOV 8th – 12:30 to 3:00pm RESTAURANT MAGNUS (120 E. Wilson St., Madison) Sliding scale contributions go 100% to the opening of a Madison coordinated campaign office for Wisconsin Green candidates in the 2004 elections. Suggested contributions with themes from Wisconsin Green history ~ $30 “Walking the Picket Line ~ $60 “Treaty Rights Supporter” ~ $120 “Crandon Mine Protestor” ~ $200+ “Jailbird for Peace” ~ or your choice. Please RSVP with your contribution made out to “Green Party” to: Four Lakes Green Party, P.O. Box 1701, Madison, Wisconsin 53701. Space will be limited, so send your check in today! You may also contribute to the future success of the Wisconsin Green Party or become a member online at: