Be The Media! @ The National Conference on Media Reform 11/7-9

Be The Media! @ The National Conference on Media Reform Madison, WI November 7-9. Events are free! and open to the public Friday, November 7th on Library Mall, UW-Madison Campus 12:00 PM Hip Hop Music on Library Mall ( 5:00 PM Free Dinner & Films including “We Interupt this Empire” 7:30 PM Alternative Media Celebration & March on State Street Saturday, November 8th @ The Catacombs Coffeehouse, 731 State St. 9:00 Be the Media!–an invite to take the media into your own hands 9:15 AM A) Starting Community Media Centers B) Making bilingual media 10:45 AM A) Intro to B) Political Theatre (participation!) 12:00 – 2:00PM LUNCH (Catacombs will offer cheap organic lunch. Proceeds to help sustain the Madison Infoshop) 2:15 PM A) Indy Newspapers and Magazines B) Microradio/Pirate radio 3:45 PM A) Hip Hop as a Movement B) Cartoons, stencils, silk screens, & grafitti Also on Sat. Nov. 8th media activists and others are invited to (locations TBA): Noon-2PM Indymedia Caucus-discuss the future of as a movement. 5:00-8:00PM -Independent Media Reception-cash bar, free food, socialize, network! Contact for more Info or to Help: Madison Infoshop 608-262-9036 or check the Madison Infoshop website: ———————————————————————— Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) Radical Film Series for Fall 2003 Unplug that corporate television, and get some real audiovisual stimulation this school year! The InfoShop is proud to be one of the suppliers of films to the SLAC Radical Film Series. You can find out more about this year’s schedule at the SLAC website. ————————————————————————