October 2003

Riverwest now has its own General Store (and gallery), though it’s not your average general store. Available for purchase are many locally-made clothes, CDs, and other creative and interesting products. Nicholas Frank, one of the owners, describes its offerings as “cheap, artist-made goods… think of it like a fancy boutique, except instead of spending $300, you spend $15.” The store, at 824 E. Locust (next to Riverwest Film and Video), opened in mid August under the ownership of Nicholas Frank and Tyson Reeder. Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday from Noon-6 p.m. Reach teh General Store at 265-7813. Joe’s East Coast Car Shop at 631 E. Center has been undergoing a noticeable facelift with a fresh coat of white paint and new windows. Coming soon: new exterior lights to be installed by neighborhood power guy, KWK Electric. Get your sunglasses out. ……………………………… Weight is a soul-heavy issue for many people. What if there were a place to go to share the pain and the struggle without judgment? Bonnie Frenkel, owner of Healthy Lifestyles, LLC, offers support and motivation. Frenkel knows first-hand where her clients are coming from, having lost 54 pounds in seven months. Clients learn to focus by using the art of relaxation and meditation. Bonnie not only uses the physical and nutritional components of weight management, but she also offers emotional support. “That’s what brings the clients back weekly,” she says. Her clientele is diverse. Some want to lose 5 pounds…others 105 pounds. The office is in the Solcare building, 305 W. Silver Spring, a space dedicated to healthy lifestyle choices. For more info or to contact Bonnie Frenkel, call (414) 333-0014. ……………………………… Now what’s Andy Busalacchi up to? More fences are going up on either side of the former railroad land north of Chambers St. Word is he’s going ahead with his 41-unit condo conversion project at the former 4-story warehouse he owns at 3029 N. Weil St. The property had been up for sale earlier this year for a cool $2.2 million. Looks like he’s the only one who can afford to own it now. The Riverwest Investment Cooperative (RIC) offers this report: The board of RIC recently approved the making of our first offer to purchase a distressed residential building in our area. We are quickly gearing up to make our first purchase and begin our work bringing homes up to a state where they can be purchased by prospective homeowners at an affordable price. Further, all present members at the meeting voted to create RIC shares, which community members and other interested Wisconsinites may hold, for $100 per share. RIC anticipates that many individuals from within Riverwest and beyond will take advantage of this investment opportunity and become shareholders in RIC. This will enable us to better fulfill our mission of directing community capital to build a healthier, more vibrant fabric of neighborhoods in our area. RIC is a member-owned cooperative focused on positively influencing Milwaukee’s Riverwest community and surrounding neighborhoods. Riverwest’s new online services store received front page coverage in the Journal Sentinel’s business section last month. E’s Online Spot, 833 E. Center St., opened for business Sept. 13 and offers flexible hours at prices that compare favorably with purchasing your own DSL or cable service. E. Marie Broussard (above), neighborhood resident and owner of the business, has five state of the art computers available seven days a week. Ideal for elementary, high school, or college students, or anyone without the means to surf the net from home or office. Check e-mail, pay your bills, do banking, homework, instant messaging, or play games. Bring your own beverages or snacks to keep you going while you’re working. Rates start at $3 for 30 minutes. The longer you stay, the lower the rate. ………….. Thousands attended the Labor Day parade last month. Union workers, above, demonstrate to “Save the Parks.”