RIC Meeting: THU, JULY 31, 7PM, @YMCA CDC

FROM: Quinn Wilder ================== Hello, We have an important meeting this Thursday (7/31) featuring a proposal by our Treasurer Tom Stocco to build equity in RIC (Riverwest Investment Co-op), we have a new website nearly ready to be launched, we have to decide how to handle the opportunity to continue to co-sponsor a community education event on community investment, and we will also be ironing out a few wrinkles in our bylaws. And all in 90 minutes or less! To witness this extraordinary feat of cooperative work, and even better, to participate in it, please come to the YMCA CDC office at 604 E. Center St. at 7pm. RIC needs you if you are committed to using community capital to make Riverwest development truly community-driven. We have a host of projects that I’m sure you can contribute to, so come and check RIC out! Quinn Wilder RIC President