Don’t Hate, Donate

Alderman D’Amato Makes Donation To Fight Racism And Bolster Riverwest Anti-Discrimination Effort

A campaign to spread yard signs in Riverwest that celebrate the area’s diversity received a nice boost this week when Ald. Michael S. D’Amato donated $250 to the cause and quickly had his donation matched by local businesses. The donations helped pay for the cost of 1,000 yard signs with the phrase “Diversity Is Our Strength,” a direct reference to the diverse mix of races and lifestyles found among the Riverwest area’s residents. The yard signs, many already being displayed in front yards, on boulevards and in front windows throughout Riverwest, are being distributed widely in direct response to hateful racist fliers that were anonymously posted in the area earlier this month, Alderman D’Amato said. “The measure of neighborhood strength displayed in response to this expression of hate has been overwhelming,” said Alderman D’Amato. “The people of Riverwest have shown that they believe that the diversity of their community is a plus, that it generates strength and now they will have a way to show the rest of Milwaukee their unity.” Anti-Hate Donation Alderman D’Amato extended a challenge for people to match his donation to help pay for the yard signs and within 30 minutes of the alderman’s donation, owners of Soapies Laundromat ($200) and Sunrise Foods ($250) stepped up and made donations of their own. “I think their generosity and their strong stand against hate is worthy of praise from every resident of Riverwest and for that matter the entire City of Milwaukee,” he said of the businesses. The free pro-diversity yard signs are available during normal business hours at the Peace Action Center, 1001 E. Keefe Ave. and the Riverwest Co-op, 733 E. Clarke St.