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August 2003

Bikes for Tykes – Neighborhoods Picnic – Rockerbox MotorFest & PorkerFest – Community Steps – Diversity is Our Strength – ROMP – MORE Youth Inc. – CASH reports TDA relied on false information in its support of SEWRPC freeway expansion plan – RRA Annual Picnic – The Guardian

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Hate In The Box

by Vince Bushell It seems as if recently Riverwesters have been channeling Germany in the late ’30s with Maxists fighting Nazis. Racism has raised it’s ugly head and the Wobblies are trying to chop it off. The IWW, Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) are far left, and the Creativity Movement, which claims to be […]

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Don’t Hate, Donate

Alderman D’Amato extended a challenge for people to match his donation to help pay for the yard signs and within 30 minutes of the alderman’s donation, owners of Soapies Laundromat ($200) and Sunrise Foods ($250) stepped up and made donations of their own.

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RIC Meeting: THU, JULY 31, 7PM, @YMCA CDC

We have an important meeting this Thursday featuring a proposal by our Treasurer Tom Stocco to build equity in RIC (Riverwest Investment Co-op), we have a new website nearly ready to be launched, we have to decide how to handle the opportunity to continue to co-sponsor a community education event on community investment, and we […]

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