Eudemon walked into the Riverwest Commons on Locust Street to listen to some music and visit with the folks from the Currents who were having a party there Saturday night. Two Thik Micks were on stage playing Irish and traditional American tunes. Big bottles of Radegast, Czech beer named after the legendary woodsman from Eudemon’s homeland were available this night. “Willy, get me a Radegast, I need a taste of the old country.” After a couple of bottles Eudemon was feeling pretty good. DJ Chuck Le Fuk was up next and started out with a little Ska, “One Step Beyond”. Some other guy must have been feeling OK too because Eudemon watched as the fella did some steps beyond in a dance with a velvet Elvis. The group was celebrating a couple of birthdays and Eudemon had forgotten to bring the greeting cards. He went home to get them and as he was leaving his home to return he ran into a thief stealing stuff from his car. “Hello! Can I help you?” Eudemon yelled. The thief bolted down the street with Eudemon in quick pursuit. “Drop it! Drop it! Drop it!” Eudemon repeatedly yelled. Eudemon wasn’t quite sure what he meant the thief should drop and the only thing dropped so far was a couple of bottles of wine Eudemon was carrying as gifts. The chase approached Locust Street when the thief bolted between a couple of houses, and taking the shouted advice, dropped Eudemon’s camera to the ground. Eudemon broke off the chase and picked up his broken camera. He knew that it is not a good idea to chase a thief, but he felt so good about his reaction. Empowered by his chase and recovery of stolen goods, Eudemon returned to the Commons with his cards and a tale to tell. Warlock Jookbot was spinning the tunes now and people were dancing. Folks urged Eudemon to call the police and report the incident. So he did. Two cops showed up and took down the info. They were friendly enough but there was not much they could do except say they would be on the lookout for the guy. The cops were a sight themselves. There seems to be a shaved head style popular with men in blue. The two of them looked somehow similar only different sized, not quite me and mini me, more like me and minor me. “Willy, give me another Radegast”, said Eudemon as the night wore on.