Greenfolks Garden

by Jennifer Lyon Last May more than fifty neighbors, adults and children alike, gathered together at the vacant lot on Wright Street between Holton and Booth. All weekend long shovels sank into the earth, pickaxes flew, and tillers turned the soil, transforming a forgotten lot into a community garden; a growing space and gathering place. All weekend long laughter and shouts of pride filled the air, smiles filled people’s faces and barbeque picnics filled people’s bellies waking up the neighbor-hood after a long sleepy winter. Greenfolks Garden was born. Over the summer the little garden grew, and with the help of organizations like County Extension and Milwaukee Urban Gardens it really began to take shape. A group of children from COA visited the garden every Monday afternoon to tend tomatoes and peppers. Neighbors met in the garden and looked after it with tender loving care. There were impromptu art projects and enthusiastic planting sessions. By fall the garden was alive with the colors of vegetables and flowers. Passersby slowed down to admire the transformation. As winter passed, the garden may have slept, but neighbors remained watchful and eager for spring. Now that spring is almost here, the anticipation is growing, as are the spring bulbs whose heads can be seen pushing up through the cold garden soil. The Greenfolks have planned a spring garden kickoff on Saturday, May 11, to start the gardening season and are excited about how the garden will evolve through its second summer. Look for more information about the garden in upcoming articles or call Jennifer Lyon at 265-4654 if you have questions, comments or would like to get involved.
by Jennifer Lyon