Marianne herrmann & Wendy basel & Darby & Alex

Marianne herrmann & Wendy basel & Darby & Alex

Story and Photo by Ellen C. Warren There’s a flourishing subculture in Riverwest which is outside the radar of many of its inhabitants. This bunch doesn’t actually recognize itself as a group, but the members are quite likely to recognize each other’s faces and, even more likely, to recognize each other’s dogs. For that matter, they’re more likely to know the dogs’ names than the names of their human companions. These are the dog walkers of Riverwest. …….Continue Reading Reslem “Mike” Salem


by John Gerlach, photograph by Vince Bushell I like to hear different opinions, or different things that I don’t know. I love to talk to people, no matter what they believe, or what their nationality. I get along with everybody. …….Continue Reading Donnell McDougal

Donnell McDougal

by Ellen C. Warren, photograph by Vince Bushell “I just meet interesting people,” says Donnell McDougal. “I’ve been meeting interesting people since I was five years old.”

About a year back Donnell sat down on a bench in front of the Riverwest Cooperative. A young man joined him there and they spent a time in conversation, mostly talking about themselves. The young man was Gibson Caldwell, volunteer coordinator of the co-op. That day Donnell stayed on to help out, and he’s continued to do so ever since.

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