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Top Star
Vision Eye Art
Glass Aquatics
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Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! New Vegetarian Lunch Buffet at Shahrazad


by Jean Scherwenka

“Roughly 40% of our regular customersare vegetarians,” says Nazer Barakat,chef and co-owner of ShahrazadMiddle Eastern restaurant at 2847 N.Oakland. A full menu page is dedicatedto vegetarian and vegan choices, andthis fall Nazer and his brother andbusiness partner Sam, in their fifteenthyear at the same location, added a dailyvegetarian lunch buffet.

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by Ellen Warren, photo by Kurt Johnson

Debbie Moffett’s face lights upwhen she talks about sewing. “I LOVE to sew!” she bubbles.Not only does she love it, she’s a whizat it. And she’ll take on just about anychallenge you can give her. Great serviceand work at a reasonable price.

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