Y Warmer Winter – Winterizing 100 Homes

by Janice Christensen

On Oct. 14, the YMCA will again winterize homes in the Riverwest neighborhood, helping lower energy costs for homeowners. Last year the initiative helped lower heating costs in 41 homes throughout the city. This year the goal is 100 households.

The program is free, and open to all homeowners. Donated materials are used by volunteers to install sheet plastic around interior windows, insulation behind electric outlets on exterior walls, foam plastic wrap on hot water pipes, and weather stripping around exterior doorways. In addition, three energy efficient light bulbs will be used to replace the most used living area lights.

How much energy will be saved? Replacing three 75-watt light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs could save up to $150 per year. Insulating windows, electric outlets and doorways could reduce energy bills by as much as 15% or $250 for a typical home.

The YWW project will center on the areas surrounding the three YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee City branches, North Side, Holton Youth Center and John C. Cudahy branches. Program sponsors include Lowe’s Home Improvement, WE Energies, Marquette University and the YMCA-Community Development Center.

Call to participate or volunteer to help with this project. The YMCA will need 200 volunteers to help with the easy-to-do weatherization projects. A total of 33 households in the Riverwest area will be winterized – first come, first served.

Volunteers: to get that warm feeling, call Melissa Herguth: 586-9622 ext.16

To get your home winterized call Jan Christensen at 430-4795

Riverwest Currents online edition – October, 2006