Tea Krulos

UnderCurrents doesn’t fear change. We have the skin of a chameleon. Since July we have been printing two eight page papers twice a month. Starting this month we will be printing one twelve page newspaper on the fifteenth of each month. It will feature an expanded calendar, a double comic page spread, new features, and all your UnderCurrents favorites.

In addition we will have a few pages of real estate in the Riverwest Currents, which is distributed the first of each month. Just like this issue they will have a preview of upcoming materials in the UnderCurrents and other fun stuff.

Our January 15 issue will have a cover story on playing pinball in Milwaukee, and psychics look at what lies ahead in 2007. There will be the debut of some new comics (see Comic News), and “Rev. Norb’s Dream Diary”, which is a new column recording Green Bay punk legend Rev. Norb’s dreams, complete with illustration. The “I On The City” column will return and the DJ listing will be expanded to include a featured DJ.

Help support your local independent media source, the mighty comics, calendar, and entertainment newspaper. Join us for our benefit show January 11 (see page at right). We will be having another benefit show February 2 at Cactus Club with the .357 String Band, The Theramones ( a Ramones cover band featuring a theremin player) and The Kind of Jazz Music That Kills. See ya soon!

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Riverwest Currents online edition – January, 2007