photo & story by Emily DeLeo

Crime seems to be in the headlinesnearly every day, leaving many peoplewondering what they can do. There areactually manythings that anindividual,neighbors on ablock or peoplein a communitycan do to helpimprove localsafety. Anindividual cansimply keepthe porch lighton, look outfor neighborsand get moreinvolved.Considerstarting ablock club orwalk the neighborhood with a friend ofthe Riverwest Walkers. If you would likemore ideas or need help getting started,contact the Riverwest CommunityPartner, Leigh Englebert.

Community Partners is a program ofthe Social Development Commission(SDC). As the community actionagency for Milwaukee County, SDCworks with low-income residents todevelop solutions to various economic,social and cultural problems. Safetyand community organizing is just oneof many focus areas they cover.

The Community Partners program hasbeen around for several years, withthe intent of mobilizing residents toimprove their communities. You willsee Leigh in the neighborhood yearround,going door-to-door to meetneighbors and distribute informationabout various programs and services.

Leigh has a background in Psychology/Child and Youth Care and is lookingforward to her new jobhere in Riverwest.

“It’s really important thatneighbors get to knoweach other and thatthey are willing to worktogether to make theirneighborhood a saferplace,” she says.

If you want to learnmore about CommunityPartners or would liketo get involved, pleasecontact Leigh at221-6763 or

Riverwest Currents online edition – August, 2006