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Local Food! Local Fish! Milwaukee Urban Fish Production

Jon Bales is founder of a new Milwaukee organization, the Urban Aquaculture Center, dedicated to demonstrating how urban fish production can become a sustainable foodproducing industry. Milwaukee has an unprecedented opportunity to remove itself from its rustbelt city image and move in a purposeful direction using a new set of tools. It can do this by embracing the latest in green innovation and becoming recognized as a leader in urban agriculture.

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Magical Realism: Hold the High Ground!

by Janice Christensen, Editor Emerita First let me say how pleased and proud I am, at the glorious age of 98, to be asked to write an editorial for this “Mid-Century” 48th Anniversary Edition. I guess Madeleine and Abneris and Bodhi and the rest of the “gonzo-kid” journalists over at the Riverwest Currents decided I […]

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Letter from Zagora

(Ed. Note: This file was emailed with a date of April 1, 2050. At first it seemed to be an elaborate April Fools joke, complete with somehow messing with my gmail dateline, but it was so interesting I thought we would share it…) April 1, 2050 Greetings from the future. Some of my young friends […]