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Calendar September 2011

thru SEP 8  RIVERWEST PUBLIC HOUSE 815 E Locust, Artists for Gardens: Art Show & Sale of urban agriculture themed art,   thru SEP 11  MONARCH MIGRATION, Monarch Trail, 9480 W Watertown Plank Rd, Wauwatosa, More info:     thru SEP 16    UWM UNION ART GALLERY,  Milwaukee: A City Intersected (people & neighborhoods of Milw)      […]

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Calendar August 2011

1 MONDAY     GORDON PARK 2828 N Humboldt, Artists Working in Education (A.W.E.) art program for kids ages 4-14,  1-4PM free  LAKE PARK 3233 E Kenwood Blvd, Picnic Area 3, Musical Mondays w/ Claudia Hommel,  6:30-7:30PM free  LINNEMAN’S  1001 E Locust Poet’s Monday – 7:30PM / TBA 9PM  RIVERWEST YOGASHALA 731 E Locust $5 Class, 9-10:30AM

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Calendar August 2011

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000238 EndHTML:0000064629 StartFragment:0000002621 EndFragment:0000064593 SourceURL:file:///Currents%20fw800/Currents%202011/08-2011%20Currents/08-2011%20COPY/PAGE%2016%20CALENDAR/CALENDAR%20TO%20PLACE.doc JULY 29-AUG 31     10th STREET GALLERY 628 N 10th St, Art Show: Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri, solo exhibit,      thru AUG 8     RIVERWEST PUBLIC HOUSE 815 E Locust, Art Show: Exiles in Piggsville w/ Milw Natives Anthony Mikkelson & Brad Warsh     thru AUG 21     GROHMANN MUSEUM […]

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Community Gardens Face Water Shut Off

By Nick Kotecki and Janice Christensen

City Plans Policy Change:

Community Gardens Face Water Shut-Off 

Community gardening is expanding in Milwaukee. Last season there were 78 raised bed gardens in Kilbourn Park. This year there are 123.

On Memorial Day the Victory Garden Initiative (VGI) held their second annual Victory Garden Blitz and installed more than 100 back yard gardens throughout the city.

Hide House Community Garden in Bay View has 110 raised beds.


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Editorial: Letter From Zagora

Editorial: Letter from Zagora     

ED. NOTE: Every few months the Riverwest Currents receives a mysterious missive that seems to be from the future.

They come with clear instructions about how and when to publish them. The writer often refers to some kind of  cause and effect notion – we need to print the letter now, so that something specific will happen, and the future of  the letter will be the future that comes about. We’ve toyed with the idea that, if we didn’t print a letter, perhaps the  future they come from would wink out of existence, and the letters would cease. We decided not to take that chance.