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Riverwest Co-op and Cafe 2016 Annual Meeting—Falcon Bowl Sunday May 1–4 to 6 PM by Vince Bushell The river flowing by our neighborhood is constantly changing, and reassuringly always the same, a natural presence. “Sunshine softly through my window today” — Donovan 15 years and still going Changing But still the same Serving our Community […]

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Makes you want to cry!

“I attended a meeting at an elementary school in my district, and the people there were crying,” said Milwaukee Ald. Nik Kovak from Riverwest. He was testifying at the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Education meeting on Tuesday, April 19 at the State Capital in Madison. He was almost the last speaker some seven hours into the hearing on lifting the cap for voucher schools in Milwaukee.

“I’ve heard a lot of anger in the last few weeks, and I’ve shared some of that anger, but this makes me want to cry. It makes a lot of people want to cry.