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Neighbor Spotlight: Kim Kosmitis

by Lee Gutowski  Technical glitches and computer frustration caused some extra work for our featured neighbor, Kim Kosmitis, and I in making this article a reality. Kim, the founder and executive director of Riverwest Outdoor Educational Adventures (FB @riverwestoutdoors; website, cracked me up when he called the computer and phone stuff “the bane of my […]

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Urban Anthropology: An Interview with Jill Florence Lackey

Have you ever walked through a south-side neighborhood and had a sense of its history and mixture of new and old immigrant communities? Have you passed through Halyard Park and been startled to find ranch homes with large yards and few fences in the central city? Exploring and explaining the uniqueness of neighborhoods like these is what Urban Anthropology, Inc. (UrbAn) is all about…

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Payday Loans

In the past decade, bright green storefronts have been popping up all over Milwaukee, with dollar signs and huge posters in the window advertising, “Up to $2,000 Cash Loans.” Inside, long lines of low-income people wait each day to take out a payday loan — the most expensive legal form of credit. After completing the […]

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Mayoral Candidates on “Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods”

“Sherman Park, Riverwest, and Merrill Park are three of Milwaukee’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Each year Milwaukee showcases its dynamic ethnic diversity with festivals at the lakefront. Yet a disconnect still persists between these inclusive, celebrative ethnic festivals and everyday reality in many of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods. How would you, as Mayor, help foster more communication and cooperation between different ethnic groups on a neighborhood level?”