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What’s Going On Down There?

Story and photo by Vince Bushell Many of us are dealing with construction in Riverwest. We became used to Locust Street being closed. You could actually walk across Locust Street without fear of death by auto. The cars are back on Locust Street but the construction goes on. All winter long they have been digging […]

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Neighbor Spotlight – Cyrille & Sveta Davidson

Photo and Story by Julie Strand

Cyrille Davidson is a fourth grade student at Pierce Elementary School in Riverwest. She is also part of the Community Learning Center that takes place at Pierce until 5pm. After the regular school day commences, the school becomes a Community Learning Center of (CLC) and students are offered the option to participate in different activities such as African Dance, Chess Club, and Woodland Pattern’s Urban Youth Literary Arts after-school classes.

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A River of Poop

With spring showers come… rivers of dog poop? So said one caller who recently left a message on the Currents’ voice mail saying there was a “river of dog poop” on the sidewalk in front of her house. It is that time of year when all the hidden trash, debris and yes, dog poop, is grotesquely revealed as the snow melts and the rains wash it around.