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Neighbor Spotlight • July 2008 • Jeremy Prach

By Jason Hart, Photo by Barbara Miner

Jeremy Prach has a huge backyard. It’s grassy and   dotted with trees. There’s enough room here for   a dozen or more people to sit and talk. Prach   makes use of this space: he holds neighborhood   watch meetings here (he’s the block captain), here   is where planning takes place for the Riverwest 24-   hour bike race (he’s the main organizer), and most   importantly here is where he spends time with his   wife, children, and neighbors.  

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Neighbor Spotlight – Patrick Frederick

by Ellen C. Warren, photo by Kurt Johnson

“My friend, Swami’s nephew, would bring me pure cow ghee from a remote village, by the bucket loads. I was making sure that Sativa got enough, because in Ayurveda, toward the end of the pregnancy, you want to make sure that [the expectant mother] eats a lot of ghee. And the birth was pretty effortless. Both births were pretty much the same. Ravi’s was a little bit longer. But Sativa’s whole labor with Bodhi was, maybe, three hours. I avoided the explosive delivery, dipped out one shoulder and the other shoulder. They both had the cords wrapped around their necks, but I just unwrapped the cords and they were fine. It was just beautiful!”

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Neighbor Spotlight – Liioness & Alex

  May is for Mothers. This month we’re spotlighting a pair of mothers who are themselves a mother and daughter, Liioness Gwendolyn Barnett and Alexandria Barnett. Both are familiar and appreciated figures in the neighborhood, especially at the Riverwest Co-op, where Alex works in the café and Liioness volunteers in the store.

Liioness, left, holds picure of youngest daughter, Diamond. Middle daughterI’Nity is center rear. Alex, right, holds her babies I’Jah & Tafari.
Photo by Barbara Miner

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Mathibela Sebothoma

The Neighbor Spotlight focuses this month on a man who is a recent arrival to Riverwest. Mathibela Sebothoma moved into the rectory at St. Mary Czestochowa last December when he began his studies at Marquette University. He came here from South Africa where he lived through a remarkable time of history.