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$355K Comes In Late; Holton Plan Approved

On September 25, the Milwaukee Common Council approved the rezoning of the site at the northwest corner of Holton and Brown for the development of a 53-unit, five storey building. The proposal had been stuck in committee for over a year. Why was it so long in coming? And why, when the development itself received little opposition, was the final, approving vote still a narrow victory of 8 to 6?

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Brophy Declares Bankruptcy

Two years ago, landlord Tim Brophy hid under one of his tenant’s beds, hoping the police wouldn’t find him. They did. The city was after him then — and still — because of unpaid property taxes and outstanding fines relating to code violations on his vast collection of rental units in Riverwest, Harambee, Brewers Hill, and the East Side, which during its peak included more than 100 properties.

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Clearcutting in Shorewood

Clear-cutting trees and foliage on the west bank of the Milwaukee River between Hubbard Park and Capitol Drive has alarmed residents of Riverwest and Shorewood, as well as the River Revitalization Foundation, Urban Ecology Center, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Shorewood’s Village Board.

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Brian Verdin

In this month of Father’s Day, the neighbor spotlight focuses on Brian Verdin. In his soft-spoken manner, he does not exactly brag about his five sons, but he is clearly pleased with the choices they have made in their lives so far. He is one very proud father.

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“Fairness is My Guiding Passion”

Gwen Moore made history last November when she won her bid to represent Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. Not only is she the first African-American to represent Milwaukee, she is also the first woman our district has ever sent to Washington. She won a clear mandate from Riverwest voters in the primary, where she gained 71% of the Democratic vote in local precincts. District-wide, she garnered 69% of the vote in the final election.