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Urban Anthropology: An Interview with Jill Florence Lackey

Have you ever walked through a south-side neighborhood and had a sense of its history and mixture of new and old immigrant communities? Have you passed through Halyard Park and been startled to find ranch homes with large yards and few fences in the central city? Exploring and explaining the uniqueness of neighborhoods like these is what Urban Anthropology, Inc. (UrbAn) is all about…

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Have You Heard About Harambee?

“Harambee” is a Kenyan word. During Kwanzaa, each evening a candle with a special significance is lit by the leader of the ceremony. Then everyone says something about what the candle symbolizes–unity, for instance, on the first evening of Kwanzaa. Then the leader shouts “Harambee!” (hah-rahm-BEH) which means “Let’s all pull together.” Everyone else shouts […]