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Summer Chillin’ on the Porch: Reclaiming “Front Porch Culture”

by Eryn Moris, photos by Peter DiAntoni

In Milwaukee the population appears to rise with the temperature, and July is a month for lazy afternoons and sticky summer nights best spent on the porch. In fact, July 7-13 is National Porch Awareness Week – a campaign dedicated to leisurely time spent on our neglected front porches, steps, and lawns, with an emphasis on “front-yard culture” and interaction with neighbors and passers-by.

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RNA Tackles Full Agenda

On May 13 the Riverwest Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting did not disappoint those who came expecting the usual packed slate of engaging, timely, and sometimes intense discussions. . . . With Alderman D’Amato on hand, RNA members took the opportunity to cover a lot of ground concerning development issues and a small handful of other matters. . . .

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Proud To Be Diverse

by Tom TolanPart 6 of 6 in a series

The truck’s engine started one more time, and the marchers walked down Bremen Street, making their way between humble Polish flats and duplexes. Parents and children came out on their porches to watch in the chilly, late-afternoon sunlight. The marchers sang, “Siempre, siempre, es hermoso vivir, si aprendemos amar” — “It’s always beautiful to live, if we learn to love.”

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RNA Minutes

Turning transformer boxes into public art – Biopak building proposals – Gentrification Position Paper debated and approved – RNA affiliates with Citizens Allied for Sane Highways (CASH) – Annual Spring Cleanup plans – RNA bylaws approved