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Calendar August 2012

JUL 23-AUG 3 FREE ART FOR KIDS Gordon Park Mon-Fri, 1-4PM, AUG 1-31 RIVERWEST CO-OP CAFÉ 733 E Clarke St,  Art Exhibit: Eleanor Bleksley, abstract oil pastels AUG 9-26 MILWAUKEE CHAMBER THEATRE 158 N. Broadway, A Thousand Clowns AUG 10-12 DANCEWORKS 1661 N Water, Danceworks On Tap: The Pursuit of Tappyness AUG 13-23 CITY […]

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Clean Rivers Clean Lake

Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc. (Sweet Water)
Eighth Annual Clean Rivers Clean Lake Conference on April 30, 2012 at Discovery World

by Vince Bushell 

What struck me first and foremost about this conference was Melanie Ariens’s art. It was on display and hanging in the window in the long entrance way of Discovery World. Expanding on her metaphor, hanging there in the window was the familiar, her blue jean baby. Recycled, maybe a little worse for wear, but still functional, indeed vital for life.


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Neighbor Spotlight: Tess Kenny

Neighbor Spotlight – Tess Kenney

by Sue Blaustein, photo by Peter DiAntoni

Theresa Kenney – Riverwest Neighborhood Association’s 2010 “Neighbor of the Year” – gets up early. Her morning routine includes brewing a cup of green tea and then surfing the listservs of activist organizations in Riverwest. She scans the latest chatter from the Riverwest Co-op, the RNA, and Riverwest Health Initiative, the Victory Garden Initiative, Transition Milwaukee, Milwaukee Urban Gardens and Concordia Gardens. 

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Transition Milwaukee

by Erik Lindberg

Transition Milwaukee is the local branch of Transition USA, which works closely with the Transition Network, a UK-based organization that started it all. To learn more, visit, or attend one of the many events announced on the website. –Ed.

When people think about environ-mentalism or the green movement, many picture wind turbines and solar panels, hybrid cars and canvas shopping bags. Sustainability means changing your light bulbs to CFLs, buying products advertised as biodegradable or organic, paper instead of plastic, and separating recyclables. 

You may shop at farmers markets and encourage legislation for high-speed rail. You probably lower your heat, insulate your house and bundle errands to limit driving. 

You “lower your carbon footprint” while listening hopefully to promises of clean-burning natural gas, ethanol-fueled cars, carbon-dioxide free nuclear, and new sources of oil.

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Grassroots Protection – Our Milwaukee River

One hundred years ago our Milwaukee River was a recreation destination – complete with swimming beaches, water slides, ice hockey in the winter, and summer cruises upstream to beer gardens and amusement parks. Fifty years ago the same river was an economic engine for the region, a commodity producer for the world, and a dammed up cesspool devoid of fish and swimmers.