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Eddie Davis Murals

by Valerie Valentine “I like the people and the diversity of Riverwest. Artists are everywhere,” said. Eddie Davis, who produces portraits, murals, sculpture and other public art in his studio at 808 E. Clarke St. He has worked out of the Clarke Street studio for three years. Before that, he had a studio on Locust […]

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Words Remembered

Back in the summer of 1997, Art Muscle Magazine published their final issue. Included in it were essays on the “art of criticism.” I saved the copy Lo these many years, and in thinking how best to honor MJS art critic, James Auer, who died in December, it was clear that only text written by Mr. Auer would suffice. The following interview (penned by James Scarborough) and edited for length says it all….Judith Ann Moriarty, Art Muscle editor, Riverwest Currents.

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RNA Report

minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: George Martin mentioned a potential source of funding for mediation services in the Riverwest neighborhood. Presentations: James Pekrul, Foster Youth Independence Center of Milwaukee, Inc., has submitted an application to the Zoning and Neighborhood Development Committee requesting approval for operation of a social service agency. This agency would be […]

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No More Ms. Nice Guy

Helloooo, Riverwest!

It’s great to be back! I’ve spent the last year on the other side of the river, working in a nice big brick building. Oh, how I missed Riverwest.

I missed the neighborhood; the cynicism, the optimism. I missed the long discussions that had no need for conclusions or action outcome lists. I missed the simple things — shopping in the alleys on moving day, visits to the free box.

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Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe

Ah, Rene. This is not a pipe! Nor is that a glacier, nor that an anvil, nor are those fingerprints. Magritte said it so well with so few words. I gaze upon the refrigerator magnet and contemplate the tempest of words trying to describe David Middlebrook’s sculpture in Gordon Park.