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D’Amato On Development: “Reknitting the Urban Fabric”

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss / photos by Tess Reiss

D’Amato, a supporter of New Urbanism-style city planning, notes that problems can result if developers build without neighborhood or city input. On a driving tour of his district, he points out buildings, both good and bad, that have gone up under his tenure as alderman. Looking at a house on Warren Street with huge garage doors facing the street on the first floor, he says, “Buildings like this detract from the value of the neighborhood.”

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Programs Can Assist First-Time Homebuyers

by Vince Bushell I asked Riverwest residents in 1999 what they liked about living here. The most common answers: the neighborhood is affordable, diverse, and it offers a city life-style. They also wanted to keep it that way. One way to help stabilize the housing market is to increase the number of homeowners, especially those […]

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A Clearer Vision For Bronzeville

Story and Photo by Nik Kovac Two summers ago, the city announced that $3.6 million was available to help revitalize the stretch of North Avenue between King Drive and I-43. The working title of this civic investment was the “Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District.” Since then, two major real estate developments have been announced in […]