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Journal Sentinel Moves Away From Local City News Coverage

Story Hill residents perusing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel can read about a dog park proposed for Washington County, but not about the off-leash dog park earlier suggested for Doyne Park next door. Riverwest residents can read about a planned condominium development for Cedarburg, but not about the condos Andy Busalacchi is building in the middle of their neighborhood…

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Doctors at Your Door and a Face-Lift for Baby Park

The Riverwest Neighborhood Association met at 7 p.m. on August 12, 2003, at 604 E. Center St. It was announced at the meeting that interns from Columbia St. Mary’s Clinic are accompanying Community Partner Mark McInerney on his door-to-door route in the neighborhood. …. The neighborhood group working with Marina Lee approved a design for Baby Park at Bremen and Burleigh. …. Four RNA committees offered reports.