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Chickens in the Yard

Let’s call this “Backyard Chickens 101.” Or “Intro to Urban Chickens.” Or something like that, because you’re learning along with me. Unless you already know a lot about raising chickens in your yard. Then, I suppose, you can just enjoy the pictures. As a wanna-be chicken owner I’m getting as much information as I can […]

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Neighbor Spotlight: Nik Bastman

October is Nik Bastman’s favorite month. That will be obvious if you look at his arm on the front page. Of course the arm is attached to Nik all year long, celebrating fall colors, bats, pumpkins, ghosts and other delightful and slightly scary things throughout the year. That is just his right arm. I will discuss his left arm later.

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Milwaukee Gets Ready for Chickens

by Sue Blaustein

The chickens are coming July 28! On May 24, Milwaukee aldermen amended Chapter 78 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances by an 8-5 vote to allow the keeping of chickens in the City of Milwaukee. Madison has allowed “backyard chickens” since 2004, with few problems reported. 


Henbassador Kilbourn pictured at right!