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Liminal Spaces

“The mythos of Eudemon…exploring the liminal spaces of Riverwest…meeting the ordinary folk and having a good time.”

The mysterious Eudemon has been a character in Riverwest Currents since the paper’s beginning. From the Greek, Eudemon (or eudaimon, or eudaemon) means “Good Spirit.” But what are these “liminal spaces” he’s always exploring?

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Spirit-Filled on Holton Street

When Christianity first leaked out of Palestine into the cities of the empire, it found its way not into architecturally beautiful temples but into tombs and places otherwise abandoned by respectable Romans.

Holton Street, like ancient Rome, is marked by churches inhabiting structures abandoned by theaters, funeral homes, and retail businesses. These are not cathedrals of stained glass, pipe organs, and soaring steeples, but churches with hand-painted signs announcing weekly orders of worship and altars lovingly cobbled together from the found and affordable. These churches do not have a full-time clergy, but pastors with day jobs…

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This Weekend at Bremen Cafe

Bremen Cafe 901 E. Clarke St., Milwaukee 414.431.1932 Now Offering Full Bar!!! (check our website for frequent updates!) Please note: all shows except Open Mics start at 9pm. Open mics still start at 8pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Mid-Week Mountain Music Every Wednesday at 9pm Local musicians performing your favorite old time, bluegrass, and […]