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River Pulse

   Tuesday evening August 19, approximately 100 people witnessed a new connection with the Milwaukee River via art and science. Unseen in the water below the Marsupial and Holton Street Bridge is a device called a Data Sonde.

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Photo by Rosalie Jankiewicz

Bluebird of Happiness

Sunday October 7th. I walked up the stairs to Jim Searles’ dream studio. The afternoon sun was streaming through the windows. A man tickled the keys on the grand piano. I looked around the room for someone I knew. No. Just strangers with cameras. I got some food, (Jim throws a party right), and picked […]

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Brady Bits

by Tim LambrechtThe Brady Street Blessing of theBridges took place on Saturday, May20. In attendance were Mayor TomBarrett, Alderman Mike D’Amato, StateSenator Jeff Plaly as well as other localdignitaries. Father Mike Hammer of theAIDS Ministry blessed the MarsupialBridge over the river and the PedestrianBridge over Lincoln Memorial Drive. Itwas nice to see a group of […]

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