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Riverwest Currents May 2021 full issue

MAY-riverwest-currents-2021webDownload .Garden Park, like it has for many years, is in the news. The City of Milwaukee which owns the land is asking that we define the Park, and create a group to manage it and do programming. Stay tuned or join the group or conversation. You can send questions and willingness to help directly […]

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UWM’s Future

The biggest issue in the history of Milwaukee’s Riverwest/East Side is here. In the next two years, Milwaukee’s premier public education institution, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will be deciding, through UWM’s Master Plan process, whether it will remain, in the broadest sense, a University.

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Plight of Single Mothers

I did a double take “no, he didn’t say that!” when I read the mayor’s ignorant claim (October issue) that the “root cause” of current youth crime is a high rate of teen births in 1993. I was repulsed by his bias and disappointed that Riverwest Currents gave a voice to his foolish bigotry. Then […]

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Open Letter to the Residents of Riverwest

Ms. Tess Reiss Riverwest Neighborhood Association 733 E. Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI 53212 RE: Open Letter to the Residents of Riverwest Dear Tess: On behalf of Tandem Developers, I would like to thank the Riverwest Neighborhood Association for allowing us to present our plan for new single family homes on the Johnson Controls site. We […]

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