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One Brief Shining Moment?

Riverwest is rich with opportunities, any of which could lead to triumph or disaster. Gentrification is presenting the challenges of higher living expenses, and the opportunities of increased wealth. Garden Park, Kilbourn Park, and Reservoir Park could be potential problems. But if we, as a neighborhood, exercise some wisdom and courage and energy, we can […]

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What Makes this Publication Worth Supporting?

As one of the three publications that sprang out of Riverwest early this year, the Riverwest Currents has a well-defined niche. Unlike Vital Source or The Press, our primary audience is not city or county-wide. Our focus is first on the Riverwest neighborhood. . . . Our main focus is not consumption, whether it be […]

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Working Toward Consensus in RNA

Last September, the RNA held an informational meeting concerning the request for a liquor license for Jewel Osco (JO) on Capitol Drive. After discussion, the group empowered a committee to draft a position paper and a proposed covenant with JO. During the process of discussion, held on RNA e-mail, in small groups, and at subsequent […]

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