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Prairie Dog

by Vince Bushell I know trying to define one’s public persona is near impossible, and it may be presumptuous of me to assume I have one. However, publishing a paper puts me in a situation akin to an ambitious prairie dog that is constantly sticking his head up out of his hole. Sooner or later […]

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Ah, Spring Again…

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss Time to come out of hibernation. There really is nothing like sun on your skin and the gentle play of the spring breeze. It’s a kind of pure delight that reminds me of being a kid. I find I do some of my best thinking and writing while I am running […]

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How We Lost the War on Terrorism

by Vince Bushell As the bombs fall on Iraq and the tanks roll on, the future of Saddam and his party appears to be ending in flames. Saddam, like many Arabs, is resentful of U.S. power and influence in the Middle East. He tried to use belligerent statements and the threat of poison to scare […]

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A Place for You

One year ago we published the first issue of the Riverwest Currents. It had 12 pages, some black and white photos, and a group of folks dedicated to the vision of a paper focused on our community. Our cover story was on the Reservoir on North Avenue. I have lost count of how many people […]

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