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A Riverwest Beer Line Walk

By Cari Taylor-Carlson Distance-Two miles, the round trip to Gordon Park and back.Time- An hour, or more, if you linger by the riverWhere to eat-Lakefront Brewery, 1872 N. CommerceBeerline Café, vegetarian, 2076 N. CommerceStubby’s Gastrogrub, 2060 N. HumboldtStart-2134 N. Riverboat RoadParking-Along Riverboat Road More Photos at bottom of story You know you are at the right place to start this […]

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Crash Lessons

by Tony Giron As the victim of road rage in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee and an employee of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, I would like to share my experience as well as some lessons learned that may help someone someday because road rage is real and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, I brought a […]