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Wild Lettuce (lactua virosa)

Did you know your dinner salad can calm you down and reduce pain? Wild lettuce, latuca virosa, which is related to most varieties of domesticated lettuce that we commonly eat, has been used traditionally to produce a substance that is used as a cough suppressant, pain reliever, and a hypnotic that promotes relaxation and sleep.

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A dab of lavender oil on a stubbed toe immediately takes away the teeth-clenching, hopping-up-and-down pain. A bit massaged into the temples can ease a tension headache. If you’re heading out for a night of wild partying, you may want to choose a different scene–it can make anyone who comes close to you feel calm

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Aromatic Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Valentine’s Day turns our thoughts to the soft topic of love, and perhaps some of its livelier, spicier aspects. There are some who believe that a major erogenous zone is located in the nose. With that in mind, the Urban Shaman has recommendations for some aromatic herbal aphrodisiacs.

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Gotu Kola

Looking for a tonic for the midwinter blues? Got a case of cabin fever? How about a cup of tea that can brighten up your whole day? Try Gotu kola for a ray of sunshine into the dark chilly corners of your midwinter mind.

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